Satisfied clients


Here’s what our clients and business partners have to say about us:


"Very friendly, in fact the whole firm is friendly, they bend over backwards. Lent me their boardroom when I needed it"

David McCulloch, Devore Limited

"Guidance and reassurance. They give me confidence that I'm doing it right. They're only an email away. I know it will be handled"

"They're never vague, they will always give us an opinion"

Jenny Smith, Capital Neon Signs

"We approve the deadlines and they meet them, even if they have to work weekends or evenings"

"Very good at answering queries, very capable. That is the joy of dealing with a medium sized firm and this is important in terms of retaining clients"

Nick Payne, Northgate Information Systems

"Have never had to chase them, if it was going to be late they keep me informed"

"Always professional"

"If they can't answer my query they will find someone who can, e.g. WW Australia or Wellington"

Wendy Haughie, Marque Magnetics

"It's a perfect relationship. If things are urgent they get back to me immediately"

Bill Cotton, Super Car Spares

"Understands my business better than I do. More often than not they go direct to other parties when needed"

Jacqui Spence, Mr Barber

"Takes an interest in people's projects which seems to be part of WW service culture"

Brian Everett, Duthie Whyte

"They are very interested in the business and have been with us since day one"

Brian Hough, Hartfield Goldsmiths


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